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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pointing, you get a company with a lot of bay area employees and a lot of bay area investors that made a big mistake and it's costing you money. hp investors feeling the sting of this morning's weak earnings report and the admission it spent way too much money for autonomy software. this isn't the first time hp's been in this position. >> a lot of red here. hewlett-packard's conference call is going on right now. >> to the frustration of its shareholders, hp has a history of spending money without getting much in return. former ceo carly fiorina bought compaq for $25 billion. it led to a backlash that ultimately cost her the job. she was replaced by mark herd, who, in addition to buying palm for $1.2 billion, then quickly cancelling hp's palm related products was ousted over financial and personal improprieties.
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the next hp ceo bought autonomy software for $11.5 billion. then he was fired. among the hp board members approving the deal, current hp ceo meg whitman. she says her company was lied to by autonomy. >> we believe that there is a willful effort on the part of certain members of autonomy management to mislead shareholders when autonomy was a publicly held company and mislead potential buyers, including hp. >> so in a move sure to overshadow its new line of products, hp is taking an $8.8 billion charge on the autonomy deal, admitting it made a huge mistake, even though it's kind of glad it bought it. >> listen, what i will tell you about autonomy is we still like the business. we like the technology. we think it's going to be an important part of hp's -- hp software's growth strategy, but it is not as valuable as we had believed it to be. >> so what do you do about hp?
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buy stock when it's low or stand back and let the drama play out? >> frankly, what we're seeing all of the errors, hp is not dead yet, but if they can't get this turned around, their profits could evaporate and they could be in big trouble. >> with investors running for the exits, it's clear that trouble has already started. again, hp stock price down to its lowest level in a decade as of tonight. as for autonomy, the former ceo of the company a, the man who sold it to hp, responding today by denying meg whitman's charges. this whole thing will likely end up in court. >> fascinating story. thank you. well, slick roads and rain. it's getting sloppy. you see the wet roads. be extra cautious. let's turn things over to our
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chief meteorologist in our weather center. jeff. >> yeah, it's a really great point there. just takes a few showers to make things that much more dangerous, especially in the holidays. we have so many more travelers out on the roadways. you can see this slow-moving storm system is holding on to a decent amount of rainfall, especially in the north bay. that's where we've already picked up a quarter to a half inch of rain. visibility reducing quite a bit, as is rainfall coming down at a very good clip there at highway 101. we're expecting our heavier batch here for downtown san francisco for the next 21 minutes. points to the south across the peninsula. also, oakland to hayward are finding developing showers. worst delays at sfo right now running about 2 1/2 hours behind. the next 24 hours could keep one to two-hour delays throughout tomorrow's forecast. we'll let you know when this storm clears out coming up. >> see you then, jeff. >> well, put your pants on.
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no more private parts in public places in san francisco. that's the ruling from the board of supervisors which passed a controversial ban on nudity. vote was tight, 6-5. the ban does not outlaw nudity all the time. being in the buff will still be allowed during certain permitted events such as gay pride and the fulsome street fair. the bottom line, come february with when the ban go into effect, there will be a $100 fine if your bottom is seen sans cover in public. new tonight, a death row sentence for a double murder case at richmond toll plaza. 49-year-old nathan burruss laughed as the sentence was read to him. he mocked the victims' families throughout the sentencing phase, repeatedly telling the jury he was happy to go to death row. one female juror said the panel
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was frustrated by the long delays and thought death might be too good for him but they feared he would kill other inmates as he promised in the witness stand. cleaning your house and then cleaning you out. even some of the most trusted maids turn out to be criminals. it's happening now to some families on the peninsula. here's chris sanchez. >> reporter: 36-year-old martha ramirez was a trusted housekeeper. now she's behind bars on felony burglar charges, accused of stealing from people who trusted her in their homes. two people in bryant street had used the same housekeeper for years with no problem until that housekeeper took on a new helper, martha ramirez. >> together they realized they were missing some jewelry. they contacted a third person who was also missing items.
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>> reporter: police found jewelry and even costume jewelry in a mattress in her home. they also found a pawn receipt. >> one of our victims had an antique rolex taken. it was a world war ii relic handed down from a grandparent. that item has not been recovered yet. it's a rose-colored rolex watch. >> reporter: is a site dedicated to helping people find domestic employees. they say when hiring a housekeeper, verify work experience and references. ask a friend or neighbor to drop by unannounced to check on the housekeeper, and if you are particularly concerned, you can request background and credit check, driving records, even a drug test. housekeepers often work in more than one area. that's why police are working with area agencies to figure
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outs whether there could be other victims in other cities. getting something delivered soon? hope it stays on your front porch. this is the time of year that delivery thefts spike. case in point, this video. watch. the woman caught on camera stealing off a front porch. police released the tape of the woman taking the package hoping someone will recognize her. she also took a bag of canned foods that were supposed to be donations for charity. police say she arrived shortly after ups left. well, they'll don't negotiate after a strike disrupted service at the port of oakland today. this comes at a time when containers are supposed to be moving holiday gifts. union members hit the picket lines before dawn today, including janitors, clerks, electricians who have been without a contract for 17 months. on the docks, workers seemed to support the strike. outside, truckers waited in huge lines with nothing to pick up or deliver. >> how do you feel about sitting and waiting? >> sad. not feeling good.
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i have to produce, you know, put the food on the table. we're sitting here for nothing. >> a spokesperson for the port says they are acting in good faith and trying to get situation resolved. but they are facing a $1.3 billion debt. the union also went on strike at oakland airport. travel has not been impacted, though. it's happening again. bay area nurses on strike today. about 5,000 of them picketing at ten local hospitals. >> the scenario has played out before. they've held a strike more than half a dozen times in a little more than a year. >> in tonight's reality check, sam tries to pull the curtain away from the debate and shows us what's at stake and whether the contract dispute will ever be resolved. >> good evening. i wouldn't bet the farm on it. both sides have facts and figures that prop up their arguments. what we're concerned about is the truth of this never ending conflict. the truth is that the california nurse's association is trying to protect the richest contract in its union and the richest contract, for that matter in the
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entire country. both sides acknowledge that, but the truth is also that hundreds of part-time nurses could end up with no health care at all if the proposal is pushed through. power, it's a relative term for the california nurses association. a total of seven strikes in just over a year has netted little progress and no deal on a union contract that expired in the middle of 2011. >> what we're asking for is nothing more than what we have. we're not asking for anything more than the contract that we have. >> but the contract the nurses have, which includes three hospitals in the east bay, is the richest in the country. by both sides' admission. >> they're very, very well compensated, and they should be. the bay area is expensive. they're the top of the heap. >> just how high up on that heap is up for debate. using the same w-2 forms, health
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officials say the average nurse pulls in $136,000 for a full-time position. the california nurses association counters it's more like $100,000. no matter how you parse the numbers, there's a larger problem at play here. only a small fraction of the nursing and tech employees on these three campuses are actually full-time or work at least 40 hours, meaning they don't get that kind of pay. under a new proposal, they could lose their health care coverage, the biggest tug-of-war in the entire contract dispute. >> what we're asking them in order to receive full-time benefits, that they work at least 30 hours a week. that's very normal in the work environment. >> the reality is somewhere in the middle. the health management says it's in the company's best interest to get as many part-time employees up to 30 hours a week as possible so they qualify for health care and benefits. when i asked if those 30-hour plus jobs would be guaranteed to current part timers, i received no promises.
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and hang in the balance are 481 part-time employees who stand to lose their health care. lastly, about the allegations of greed. i asked summit's vice president of medical affairs, what's driving the company's belt tightening? >> we have had big changes in our financial picture as have many hospitals throughout the area. what we're trying to do is make sure that we're surviving, viable, we're thriving organization as we move into the future. >> so the question becomes, does the health care giant suter need to be cutting its costs? let's take a glance now further into the numbers. here's a look at sutter's total income over the last three years. it's an average of $733 million. a total sum earned of $2.2 billion over that time frame. so what's the bottom line here? sutter could probably afford to maintain the same pay and benefits for its staff. it's a compensation that the staff members will fiercely defend since it took them 60
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years of collective bargaining to earn it in the first place. but will the strike help the nurses keep their pay and benefits? not if a repeat of today happens, where nurses crossed the picket lines and went to work. given that kind of backdrop, you could probably expect more strikes. back to you. >> thank you very much, sam. still ahead at 6:00, we're going to take you live to the orange carpet at the premier for the giants world series dvd. >> also, the latest after a small plane crashes here in the bay area. and how often do medical emergencies happen at 30,000 feet in the air? the investigative unit looks at what airlines should be doing. a big and bold move forward for the new bay bridge. holding its own. the important milestone for the new span of that bridge. back in a moment.
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a small plane made an emergency landing into a marsh near san rafael airport this morning. an faa spokesman said the pilot apparently had engine problems while taking off. the pilot did have some minor injuries. the plane is registered to a vallejo resident, but it's unknown if he was the one flying. how do you maneuver and support a deck that weighs 32 tons? well, very carefully. today, another high-wire act on the new span of the bay bridge. here's nbc bay area's joe risotto jr. >> reporter: just's east of treasure island, the new span of the bay bridge rises from the bay. for some who have overseen this project over many years remember the days when the picture wasn't so rosy. >> it's had budget trouble repeatedly. it's had design controversy. it's had all sorts of issues.
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>> reporter: today, steve hemminger wasn't dwelling on the past. it was a time to celebrate the present. there were many, many days when i was never sure we'd get this far. >> today marked a major milestone for the new bridge. for the first time, the self-anchored single-suspension span was holding its own. >> this was the last major milestone we had to meet, which was transferring the load of this immense bridge on to the cable system. >> reporter: after months of work, crews have finished shifting the load of the 32-ton deck on a 200 suspender cables. >> we've taken the entire weight of the self-anchored suspension bridge and placed it on the cable system that will hold it in place for 150 years. >> reporter: workers used jacks to increase tension on the cables, transferring the weight to the bridge's single cable and tower. during the transfer, the deck actually shifted 30 feet. at the end, it was a giant sigh
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of relief. >> we were never afraid we were going to drop the bridge into the bay, but it could have taken us a lot longer. >> reporter: the work marks the last major hurdle before the bridge is scheduled to open on labor day of next year. but there's still plenty to do. the entire structure needs to be painted and the span's roadways still needs asphalt. cal trans may be the only state agency not praying for rain. >> the more dry days, the further we can get on the work that needs to be done. >> reporter: in the meantime, crews continue to wrap the span's nearly mile-long single cable as this engineering marvel jumps from the page as of blueprints that much closer to starting work. joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. >> does look impressive. there may soon be a new way to get around the south bay. the light rail line is planning to be extended. 1 1/2 miles will be extended at the winchester stop.
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it's expected to cost $175 million. they will hold a public meeting to discuss the idea on december 4th. that'll be at the campbell public library. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. he's going to talk about our thanksgiving forecast. a lot of people on the move, going to grandma's house and everything else. >> going all over the place. good thing about this storm system is it's going to move in. it's going to push on out. it's going to get wet for some holiday travel, but not over thanksgiving. that's the good news. let's get you into the north bay. that's where the rainfall has been very heavy. also up into the hills of the north bay. we've squeezed out a half inch to an inch of rainfall. from the valleys to santa rosa, it's been quite a bit less. finally, it's starting to move to the south. it's been very slow. there's a lack of upper level energy. that's why we've been dealing with this storm system for the past 24 hours. right now, more consistent rainfall starting to approach san francisco. it's not overly heavy, but it's going to add to these roadways being very slick across the
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northern peninsula. continuing developing light showers from oakland to hayward to redwood city. at sfo we have delays over two hours. if you're going there to take off on a flight tonight, lucky you. if you're going to pick somebody up, you may have to wait a little bit longer than expected. we talked about that heavier rainfall way up past santa rosa. cobb mountain and also north of napa picking up 5 inches with this storm system in just the past 24 hours. a viewer sending that in. thank you so much. another example of how much those mountains are squeezing out that moisture. that's why there's not too much left here. by the time it gets to santa rosa, only 0.33 inches. 56 in cupertino. 66 in san jose. the crew is dead on tonight.
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ed, eva, and will back in the control room saying we have an awesome camera in san jose. look at these clouds starting to roll on in. the clouds lowering, a sign of some of those showers that will be here eventually as we head into the overnight hours. thank you so much, guys, back in the control room. always working hard. this slow-moving system is gradually going to be pushing to the south throughout tomorrow morning. so overall, totals will be all right. they're not going to be as heavy as last friday and saturday. looking for about 0.25 to 0.50 inches of rainfall. throughout tonight, we'll find these showers starting to push off to the south. by 11:00 p.m., south bay might still be on the dry side. we may not even get any showers in the south of the east bay until 5:00 a.m. for tomorrow. if you're doing any traveling, looks like clear weather building in throughout 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. for tomorrow. some sunny skies throughout wednesday afternoon. more coming up in the seven-day forecast later on the show. back to you. >> okay.
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see you short lirks jeff. still ahead here at 6:00, a big announcement connected to the 49ers news stadium. plus, it may not cut down on cost after all. a surprising new study involving patients who have onlike access to their medical records. and the new report on dangerous toys during this holiday season.
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he's considered armed and dangerous, and police on the peninsula want you to be aware. today they released this schedule of a man behind a brazen armed robbery at foothill college. college officials say the suspect approached two men on campus yesterday morning and pulled out a gun. he stole their backpacks. thankfully, to one was hurt. if you're one of the people getting on a plane in the next couple of days, you're not alone. millions expected to fly this holiday weekend. sfo bracing for a spike in travelers this thanksgiving just compared to last year.
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>> so many people traveling, investigative reporter examines what happens when medical emergencies happen at 30,000 feet. elise, we often -- do we find out about these evens? >> not that often. we found that airlines are tracking this information internally. but there's no central database to find out how often passengers need in-flight medical help. that's because the industry doesn't have to report it. and there's growing criticism the current policy could come at a cost to travelers. >> this could be a potentially life-threatening situation. >> when there are medical problems in the sky, 90% of commercial airlines in the u.s. will call medaire. >> typically the captain or flight attendant will contact us through satellite phone or even through the aircraft radio. >> the private company based in tempe, arizona, gives advice to pilots, flight attendants, or any medical professional who may be on board. >> medical events are actually rare. we can't estimate one medical
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event for every 30,000 passengers carried. >> how often do in-flight medical events occur? >> that's a very good question. nobody really knows. >> the faa does not require airlines to report in-flight medical events. >> they're in a contained environment, so knowing what the most common illnesses and injuries and events that occur can really help better prepare with them in a more effective manner. >> the faa does require that airlines carry certain items in a medical kit. we discovered what's in those kits can vary from airline to airline. for more information, go to our website,, and be sure to watch our full information at 11:00. >> okay, elise. see you tonight. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a
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call or end us an e-mail. it's certainly traumatic and devastating, especially for a child. now there's hope. a new program in san francisco to help children who witness violent crime. the district attorney announced the victims compensation program today. it provides up to $5,000 in reimbursement for mental health counseling. the goal is to minimize the impact of violence on young kids. >> the trauma lasts a lifetime, yet with a little bit of assistance and getting counseling services, we can repair the harm. >> to be eligible, a witness must have been a minor at the time of the crime and there must be evidence and documentation that that crime actually happened. still ahead at 6:00, the major decision by elmo's puppeteer in the wake of that sex scandal. plus, is the end in sight?
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the united thagss released a promisin report on the a.i.d.s. epidemic. and mideast peace taux appear to be unraveling. secretary of state hillary clinton flies to the region to try and broker a truce as gaza and israel launched some of the most aggressive assaults yet. the latest develops and how the bay area is reacting next in "world tonight."
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there's talk of a possible trurks but right now more violence in the middle east. >> we have team coverage this evening. we have local reaction to the crisis in the middle east. we begin with janelle with the latest developments in our "world tonight." >> there was lots of hope today in the middle east as reports of a truce between israel and hamas, the militant organization that rules the gaza strip. but that hope quickly faded as the region saw some of the heaviest shelling yet. just in the past few hours
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israel launched an aggressive missile assault on gaza city. they say it's in response to the rocket attacks by hamas. secretary of state hillary clinton cut her asia trip with president obama short to fly to the middle east to help broker a truce. she just wrapped up a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. later today she'll meet with the palestinian president and then fly to egypt to meet with mohammed morsi. >> the goal must reach legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> right now, no sign that a deal is even close. besides a cease fire, hamas wants some of the restrictions eased at the gaza border. israel is demanding a long-term agreement and says that if a diplomatic solution is not reached, they're ready for a ground war. people in the bay area are closely watching these
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developments unfold. let's check in with jody hernandez. >> reporter: janelle, a lot of folks here in the bay area are feeling a sense of helplessness as they watch the violence unfold in the middle east. many have friends or family members either in israel or in the gaza strip. today we got a very real sense of what families who are living in that region are going through tonight. we caught up with a resident of gaza via skype this afternoon. a woman who's been praying for a cease fire but judging by the shelling outside her house, it hadn't taken hold yet. >> i was feeling relief when i was hearing about the cease fire. oh, my god. just a second. >> reporter: mona is a project director on the ground in gaza for berkeley based middle east
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children's alliance, a nonprofit aimed at making life better for palestinian children in the gaza strip. >> people are huddled together. they put blankets over them. they bring the children to them. the kids are terrified. of course, there's no school. they're frightened. >> reporter: barbara and her staff have been in close contact with friends in gaza. many of them have been killed in the past several days since israel launched a military campaign in response to rocket attacks from hamas. >> my mom took me to a shelter in our house and showed me the gas masks. >> reporter: this rabbi shared an e-mail of family from his congregation who's in israel for the year just sent. he, too, is praying for the fighting to stop. >> that's probably the number one emotion that goes through the members' minds. concern for the safety of people they know in israel.
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>> reporter: news of a possible cease fire has brought hope to both sides. it can't come soon enough for mona, with bombs still dropping down, she's terrified. >> i want cease fire. i want peace. >> reporter: now, that woman that we talked to via skype had to take cover several times as we talked to her as explosions took place outside. now, tonight local jews are having a communal service to pray for peace while members of the middle east children's alliance are raising money. they plan to bring much-needed medical supplies and emergency supplies to gaza in a couple of weeks. reporting live, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jody, thank you. a southern california kmunt
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is reacting with shock after a 21-year-old man was arrested and accused of being part of a home-grown terror plot. 21-year-old miguel santana lived with his parents at this duplex in upland. nearby residents say fbi agents who arrived on friday used sledge hammers to get inside the door. a former schoolmate described how santana had grown distant since converting to islam. a 77-page affidavit indicates he was one of four southern california men who bought tickets to mexico last thursday with plans to fly from there to turkey to train with terror groups. >> they made travel logistics, including flight arrangements, required documentation and cover stories. >> two of the men were going to go to dubai and travel to pakistan. long-time elmo puppeteer has resigned from "sesame street" after a second allegation he
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sexually abused an underage boy. the 24-year-old claims they engaged in a sexual relationship when he was just 15 years old after they met on a gay chat line. his attorney says he has been contacted by two other potential victims. clash was with "sesame street" for 28 years making elmo one of the most popular characters on that show. it's kind of like the island of misfit toys. a 26th annual report titled "trouble in toyland" tested 200 kids products and identified a dozen that may be hazardous. aside from the obvious sharp edges that cut, they highlighted everything from cords that strangle. also, noise makers that can be a little too loud. still ahead at 6:00, did we get the invite to the orange carpet event? a live picture now at the castro
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theater in san francisco. the orange carpet for the world champion giants. we'll take you there for the big movie premier of the world series highlight film. and we follow the money trail. good evening. i'm in the weather center. we're tracking the storm here tonight. we have showers developing across the north bay. not only rain here for us but, yes, that's going to mean sierra snow. we'll let you know how much we could get across the summit coming up in a few minutes.
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in health matters tonight, with the number of new a.i.d.s. cases dropping, the united nations today predicted an end to the worldwide epidemic may be in sight. deaths from a.i.d.s. fell to 1.7 million last year, down from a peak of 2.3 in 2005. the report credits better access to drugs, which can treat and prevent the virus. it's also slowing the spread of the disease. s subsa subsahara africa remains the worst place for the disease. people who are able to access their medical information online as well as interact with their doctors via e-mail are also more likely to visit their doctors in person. many fear online access would lead to fewer face to face doctor visits.
6:40 pm
also, researchers originally thought the online communication would cut costs. insteading it's raising cost potentially because of the increased visits to the doctors office. all right. . want to check in with jeff for the forecast over the next couple days. >> clouds are out here. we'll talk about showers and how long they'll last coming up in a few minutes.
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several calls and e-mails into our investigative unit today. more people claiming they were victimized by a prominent south bay businessman. he owes taxpayers millions of dollars. >> at issue is a series of government breakdowns and a savvy businessman the unit says apparently is taking full advantage of that. we bring in our chief investigator. tony, a lot of money and an equal amount of frustration. >> here's what we've learned. both the california department of motor vehicles have conducted investigations. we know he owes a lot of unpaid taxes to the irs and the state. but a group of investors wants to know how he's getting away with everyone's money. >> and i have invested over $200,000. >> i have defrauded out of at least $25,000.
6:43 pm
>> they are all part of his money trail, willing investors joining a growing list of victims. >> i lost over $50,000. >> i invested more than $100,000. >> how many of you thought this was a good investment? they are also part of a group, 18 different bay area investors, a total of nearly $2 million. how many of you believe you're a victim of a crime? >> there's something wrong when all those people put up their money and got nothing back. >> harry osborne has an inside perspective. he worked as a saleman for the guy who has all their money. he watched the investment opportunity crumble. >> i think a lot of this was a scam, too. i think he was paying the interest from the people who were putting more money in. >> here's how it worked. investors were lured by advertisements in the san jose mercury and other newspapers promising a 10% return.
6:44 pm
their investment secured by these pink slips. >> they have pink slips that have been sold a long time ago. >> there's some funny math in that presentation. >> there are errors in that presentation. >> this is a recognized forensic accountant. nbc bay area obtained a copy of the presentation. it says the investment is 100% secured. nowhere is your money safer. and, guarantees a fixed 10% annual return. >> it leads you to believe there is a ponzi scheme here. >> and here's the guy with all the money. he's a long time san jose businessman and car dealer. you might remember him from our investigation back in april. >> it is my problem. you know why? because you've stolen money from my mother. >> in that case, our reports exposed him for trying to walk away from $70,000 owed to a customer. >> so what did to you with the
6:45 pm
money? >> it got sucked in a black hole. >> and that appears to be a continuing theme for him and his businesses. >> do you think he's aware of what he's doing to all these people? >> absolutely. >> this recently filed bankruptcy document shows he has a lot of missing money. he's asked a judge to wipe out more than $10 million in debt. it includes nearly $2 million from those used car investors. $600,000 to the irs for employee payroll taxes collected nearly two decades ago and never paid. and more than $2.8 million to the state of california for unpaid sales taxes. >> if they don't pay them to the state of california, is that a crime? >> it is a crime, and we have to go after the money. >> take a look. his bankruptcy filing shows he owes california taxpayers $2.8 million, debt dating back six
6:46 pm
years, never paid. and he has not been charged with a crime. six years and nearly $3 million. how does somebody get away with that? >> that's hypothetical. >> it's factual. it's on this. >> i'm not going to this document. >> the state board of equalization says law prevents it from explaining why california taxpayers don't have the tax dollars collected. we also found this interesting. here's a letterhead sheriff's advisory committee. right there it says it. is that a problem? ron is a member of the santa clara county sheriffs advisory board, a nonprofit group supporting and affiliated with the sheriffs department. does this concern you? >> it does concern me. i want to make sure we have good people that are affiliated with that organization because they do work with us. >> you're the sheriff. will you recommend that he's removed from your advisory board? >> yes. >> so sheriff smith has called for some government
6:47 pm
accountability. he's a san jose businessman with a financial resume showing more than $10 million owed to the federal government, the state of california, and dozens of bay area business partners. now many are calling for even more accountability. >> i could have stayed home today, but i want to do -- excuse me. i want to do my part to make sure he's brought to justice. >> somebody's got to investigate it. somebody's got to do something. >> he doesn't deserve to be out in the streets. >> we have learned the california department of corporations and the department of motor vehicles have turned over their files to the santa clara county district attorney for possible charges. on the phone, ron says he doesn't want to comment on our
6:48 pm
investigation. we do intend to talk with you about all that missing money before your next bankruptcy hearing. raj. >> okay, tony. thank you. a tipline now is a great way to contact us, tony, or anyone else in our investigative unit. you see the number here. 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to all right. let's check in with our head meteorologist. it's about keeping an eye on the sky. >> still expected to be sunny here. we need to get through this rainfall that's currently over us. finally starting to push to the south. we'll show you where some of the heaviest rainfall has been. it's here in the north bay. also goes for napa and sonoma. down towards san francisco, we've had showers over the past couple hours. now these developing showers are continuing to push to the south as far as san mateo and redwood
6:49 pm
city. a lot of our major corridors tonight are dealing with a lot of heavy traffic. people putting on the brakes as they get out to do some traveling. if you're headed to sfo, i have this red icon here for a reason. running about two hours behind at the airport. whether you're picking somebody up or taking off, get ready for those delays. we could see them stack up over the next couple hours. the highest, no doubt, at sfo. oakland, we'll average about 50 minutes there. at san jose, delays of about 30 minutes. not only at the airports and the bay area roads, but also up across the sierra. we haven't had too much snowfall so far today. overnight hours into tomorrow morning we're expecting 4 to 8 inches across 80 and highway 50 at about 7,000 feet. winds could top 50 miles per hour in this storm system. let's get you outside to that live hd sky camera. the city lights pushing a red hue here across the clouds in san jose. it's looking pretty gorgeous as we continue throughout tonight.
6:50 pm
it's going to take a while for those showers to get here. let's show you that timeline. as we continue throughout tonight, we're going to find this batch of rainfall with the cold front slowly marching to the south, even by 11:00 p.m., the line of rainfall looks like it may hold off for san jose. you may not actually get any showers right now until about 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 tomorrow morning. if you're leaving early tomorrow for that thanksgiving holiday, we'll have the wet roads in the morning hours, but here's the good part. as we advance this through the afternoon hours, we'll get some sunshine in here. it's going to look a lot better if you're leaving tomorrow afternoon and also on thanksgiving for thursday. so again, showers lingering into the morning commute. then they start to push out as we head throughout the afternoon on wednesday. slick roads across the bay area and right up to the sooe year a. temperatures in the low 50s. for daytime highs, we're going to top out very similar to today. not a ton of cold air with this system. low to mid-60s. on your three-day forecast, we have sunny skies as we head
6:51 pm
throughout thanksgiving on thursday. mid-60s. friday, upper 60s. throughout saturday, plenty of sunny skies and low 70s. looks great for small business saturday. sounds like i'm doing commercials for them. i don't have a small business, but i know somebody who does. i'm all for that small business saturday. >> do you get a cut of the profits? >> maybe. you know who you are. all right. >> thanks, jeff. well, it won't just be the 49ers playing in that new stadium. two more teams have been added to the mix, two college teams. a bowl game will now move to santa clara once the stadium is ready in 2014. the kraft fight hunger bowl, which has been played at at&t park since 2002, will move south. today, 49ers ceo jed york welcomed the bowl game as the first non-49ers event to be scheduled at this new stadium. that first 49ers game is scheduled for august of 2014 and the kraft fight hunger bowl a few months later in december.
6:52 pm
all right. let's get to sports with henry wofford. >> hello. big news in berkeley. a 3-9 season is unacceptable in bear territory. today the head football coach was fired after 11 years with the team. he will, by the way, receive $6.9 million in compensation. the bears lost their final five games of the regular season. the bears were ranked as high as number two in the country in 2007, but the team is 23-27 over the past four years. tedford won a school record 82 games. the athletic director says letting the coach go was a difficult decision. >> jeff tedford is a good man who has brought great success and celebration to this university and who deserves to occupy a place of honor in the cal family. his legacy is unquestioned. however, the current state of our program is not what our
6:53 pm
student athletes, fans, and campus community deserve. my decision was based, and my decisions will continue to be based on what i believe is right and best for our student athletes. >> over to bay's bar where the san francisco giants have rolled out the red carpet for a special event. jamie, this is another opportunity to relive the giant's magical season. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, henry. actually, it's an a orange carpet tonight, not a red carpet, in honor, of course, of the san francisco giants. even though we do know how this story ends, everybody who is attending the premier tonight looking forward to reliving the magic on the big screen, including manager bruce bochy. >> it's going to be nice to watch it in a different way where it's not quite as intense and enjoy it and bring back some great memories.
6:54 pm
i've taken some time off, but i know this is something all the players look forward to because you do want to savor this. so it's going to be a fun night tonight. >> reporter: now that you have had a couple weeks to maybe let everything sink in and reflect on the season, what will you remember most about this 2012 team? >> i think more than anything how unselfish a group they were. you know, i know we talked about, you know, how resilient they were and the resolve they played with facing elimination games six times. really, it's such a great game to work with. again, being so unselfish. >> reporter: and also expected to be in attendance is actor benjamin bratt, who voiced the film. he also grew up in san francisco. he's a huge giants fan. i asked manager bruce bochy, who would play bochy in a movie? he said he wasn't sure but it definitely would not be brad
6:55 pm
pitt. reporting live, i'm jamie sire for nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jamie. that will do it for sports. orange carpet sounds like an eyesore, but i guess it works for occasion. >> yes, it does, henry. yes, it does. thank you. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can watch sportsnet central on comcast. >> we're back in a moment.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 1:00, family and friends are gathering for a memorial for a south bay marine who was shot and killed by
6:58 pm
police in palm springs. we'll hear from the family tonight. let's turn things over to brent to find out what's coming up at 7:00. >> talking about the situation in gaza and israel and how the san francisco consulate here is going to talk to me live. they're gathering for a prayer vigil tonight. also, he hopes to update us on any new information. we've been hopeful there's going to be some kind of resolution, some kind of a cease fire. i believe he has the latest details. we'll talk to in a couple minutes on comcast 186. >> thank you, brent. have a great evening. hope to see you back here at 11:00 as well. >> good night.
6:59 pm
>> now on a "extra," new video. petraeus's mistress slamming a reporter's face with her car petraeus's mistress slamming a reporter's face with her car door.


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